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July 2021 Grant Recipients
Raymond Enriquez, Digital Photographer and Author
Ko Smith, Visual Artist (Oil Painting, Sculpture and Installation)
Big Apple Leadership Academy for the Arts (Nonprofit)

May 2021 Grant Recipients
Olivia Eng, Multi-Disciplinary Artist (Dance Background)
Chao Tian, Chinese Dulcimer Musician, Improvisor & Collaborator

March 2021 Grant Recipients
Octavio Daniel Rodriguez Juarez, Filmmaker, Photographer & Multimedia Artist
Darkness RISING Project Nonprofit (Nonprofit)

January 2021 Grant Recipients
Emily Strong, Visual Artist
Celia Tewey, Filmmaker Producer, Visual Artist

November 2020 Grant Recipients
Maxwell Geissler, Musician (Cellist)
AnkhLave Arts Alliance (Nonprofit)

September 2020 Grant Recipients
Tara Rynders, Dancer, Nurse and Artist
Victoria Smits, Visual Artist

July 2020 Grant Recipients
Julian Ali, Filmmaker/Photographer 
Aurora Studio & Gallery (Nonprofit)

May 2020 Grant Recipient​​​​s
Greg Mueller, Sculptor
Lisa Sniderman, Multidisciplinary Artist
March 2020 Grant Recipient​​​​s
Cara Mays, Writer/Filmmaker
Alex Younger, Printmaker
Dedicated Believers Ministries (Nonprofit)

January 2020 Special Anniversary Award Recipient
Keyierra Collins, Dancer, Choreographer & Teaching Artist

November 2019 Grant Recipients
Mirvia Sol Eckert, Visual Artist (Painter)
DragonFLY Gallery and Creative Spaces (Nonprofit)

September 2019 Grant Recipients 
Miriam Omura, Visual Artist (Fiber Art)
Susan Vitali, Visual Artist (Interdisciplinary) / Teacher

July 2019 Grant Recipients
Rigoberto Gonzalez, Visual Artist (Painter)
Devan Horton, Visual Artist (Painter)
Expressive Path, Inc. (Nonprofit)

May 2019 Grant Recipients
Rontherin Ratliff, Sculptor & Installation Artist
Holly Wong, Two-Dimensional & Installation Artist

March 2019 Grant Recipients 
Malesha Taylor, Opera Singer
Rachel Wallis, Textile Artist/Social Activist

January 2019 Grant Recipients
Nancy Cook, Writer, Teaching Artist & Community Builder
Steve Kost, Scrap Metal Sculpturist 

November 2018 Grant Recipients
CBW Gospel Music Camp (Nonprofit)
Stephen Variames, Pianist/Composer/Conductor

September 2018 Grant Recipients
Zamara Greenwood, Visual Artist
Elinore Schnurr, Visual Artist 

August 2018 Grant Recipients
Tonality, Choral Ensemble (Nonprofit)
Trina Mannino, Choreographer/Dancer

June 2018 Grant Recipients
James "SugEasy" Singleton, Dancer, Choreographer & Educator
Magnus Villanueva, Pianist, Piano Instructor & Artistic Collaborator

May 2018 Grant Recipients 
Megan E. Doherty, PhD, Documentary Photographer
Tyra Shackleford, Chickasaw Textiles Artist

April 2018 Featured Artist Registry Winner
Monica Chulewicz, Printmaker & Fiber Artist 

March 2018 Grant Recipients
St. Clair Detrick-Jules, Painter, Writer, Sculptor, Actor, Photographer & Filmmaker
Sandra Jackson-Opoku, Poet, Fiction Writer, Screenwriter and Journalist 

January 2018 Grant Recipients
Adam Long, Visual Artist (Sculptor)
Kittie Mae Morris, Dancer

Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
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IACA Grant Recipients