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Photo credit: Peter Marks
Congratulations to Kittie Mae Morris on her successul proposal Giving Dance to the South Side of Chicago. Kittie attended the Iona Calhoun School of Classical Ballet (ICSCB) and Northern Illinois University. She graduated with a degree in Dance Performance. 

The following are exerpts from Kittie's proposal:

The primary goal for the project Giving Dance to the South Side of Chicago is to take students from the Roseland community, George Henry Corliss High School to attend a dance class taught by myself in a professional studio. Corliss is a Chicago Public School (CPS) and also my Alma Mater. Before the classes take place, I plan to take two intensives and workshops. The first with The Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company and the second workshop will be with Dallas Black Dance Theatre. Through work with these intensives, I will show the students dance as an artistic agent for change. During the class I will tell the stories of the founders Bill T. Jones and Ann M. Williams so the students feel their inspiration, persistence and fearlessness. I believe they will feel a deep connection to the directors by learning about their amazing journeys from underprivileged neighborhoods and beating the odds.

My goal is to emphasize the importance of youth learning to find value in themselves especially being from a marginalized community. The purpose of this dance class is to give the students an artistic outlet, share with them stories of triumph from African American artists who have exceptionally advanced in their career and express to them the importance of their voices as young students and future leaders. These classes will also give each student time and experiences outside of their neighborhoods to get to see the city of Chicago and its beauty. I will evaluate my success based on the amount of students initially interested in the class, excitement and commitment during the dance class, discussion participation and parent feedback. I will also open up communication with parents and students so I can be contacted at any time afterwards for questions and advisement.

Please Note: Kittie does not have a website to share at this time. 

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is excited to be a part of such a worthwhile project and we wish Kittie Mae the best in all of her future endeavors!
Photo credit: Michelle Reid

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