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The following are excerpts from Brown's grant proposal:

I started my education in filmmaking 18 years ago writing scripts. As a sophomore in college, I would take all of the vivid stories in my imagination and put them down on paper. Looking back I have always had an interest in film. I volunteered at my high school's TV station, and opted to produce a comedy video for a class project. Before leaving college, I filmed my first short and although rough, it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. After college I went on to join the military, and while I couldn't film as many projects as I wanted to, I always stayed focused on my craft. I was able to produce 2 short films, volunteer on the set of many others, and take acting classes to learn the language of acting and become a better director. After leaving the military in 2016, I was able to attain a certificate from the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts VideoWorks program. I used the skills I learnt there to produce numerous short form and music video projects. I'm always working on my craft. This has allowed me to write a large collection of scripts, increase my skill of storytelling, and build a network of creatives.

My next project is socially conscious and something I am very passionate about. To ensure I tell the story properly, I plan on using the funds to upgrade equipment: tools like a cinema camera, along with lighting and rigging. These funds will ensure the story is told the way it needs to be told, and would allow for the creation of powerful images that bring out emotions from the audience. 

Filmmaking can get very expensive. These funds would not only help with small equipment purchases related my project, but would also help offset the expense of talented cast and crew. As I mentioned, my next project is very dear to my heart. It's the story of a young man who regrets his poor life choices and in his dying hours dreads what his estranged daughter thinks of him.

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There is no specific type of artist that we focus on or primarily support. Creative expression comes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines and genres. We are looking for passion and excellence in your craft. Tell us why your work is important to you and how you hope it will impact others. 
Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
Photo Copyright © Jason Brown

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Brown's funding request and we wish him continued success in his creative endeavors.