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The following are excerpts from Mid-Southern's proposal:

Mid-Southern Watercolorists was formed to elevate the stature of watercolor and educate the public on the significance of watercolor as an important, creative, and permanent painting medium.

The organization is dedicated to the highest aesthetic standards and furthers the interest of painters in watercolor by its programs and competitive exhibits, and encourages its study by art students and others engaged in watercolor painting.

MSW's goal is to enrich the stature of water media and encourage the recognition of its significance in our community. This non-profit furthers the interest of painters and patrons by its three annual exhibits: one competitive juried exhibition, one member open exhibition, and one online exhibition. MSW provides opportunities for water media study via its member gatherings which include six paint-ins a year and two demonstrations and its semi-annual workshops. This group also has an education committee to oversee all other educational endeavors.

Main Programs/Services:

Member Gatherings: Gatherings are on a "Pay What You Can" model and comprised of at least six paint-ins a year, two exhibition openings, and two demonstrations by nationally recognized artists. Paint-ins provide an informal community of local artists where one can learn new techniques or styles with a Mid-Southern Watercolorist instructor.

Education Committee: MSW sponsors an award for excellence in watercolor presented during the Museum of Fine Arts' annual Young Arkansas Artists exhibit. In the last 2 years, this committee has given grants to two art teachers and given watercolor supplies to children in need. We also are developing a plan encouraging working art teachers to take part in the bi-monthly paint-ins.

Workshops: Mid-Southern Watercolorists sponsors two three-to-four-day workshops each year, conducted by nationally recognized watermedia artist. The cost is comparable to other workshops held by the teacher.

MSW will use the funds to enhance its six bi-monthly paint-ins. The $350.00 would be used to acquire professional-grade watercolor materials with an equal portion invested in each paint-in session. The materials will be a prize called the Integrity award and all marketing will include IACA's logo and website. The Integrity award will serve as a compelling way to support painters and to yield more teachers and students as members.

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Mid-Southern Watercolorists' funding request and we wish them continued success in their highly purposeful mission.

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Website: midsouthernwatercolorists.com

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