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The following are excerpts from Ferguson's grant proposal:

I am a Native American full-time freelance photographer and videographer working in my field for the past 13 years. My work consists of commercial, sports and portrait still photography and editorial style documentary video. Most of my work is done within Indian Country, documenting events and interviewing, recording and preserving interviews of tribal leaders and elders for tribes and various organizations both Native led and non-Native. My work is created from a variety of subjects including: culture, environment, historic and language preservation for exhibition, print, in-person and online presentation and distribution. I also conduct media camps with Native youth and create PSAs to raise awareness to current and ongoing issues facing Native Americans. In addition, I've done international work documenting third world country food programs in elementary schools to fulfill a congressional report for the USDA.

A sample of my documentary style environmental preservation and restoration video work can be seen below. This video was shot for Gonzaga University with help from the Spokane tribe, the Spokane Riverkeeper and the Rose Foundation to raise awareness to the growing and ongoing water problems in our area. All samples were shot in and around my hometown of Spokane WA. The portraits are of Spokane and Coeur d'Alene tribal members shot at the annual Gathering at the Falls Celebration in Spokane WA and the Julyamsh celebration just outside Spokane in North Idaho.

Over the past six years, I have shot thousands of clips and still images. The funds from this grant would be used as part of an overall update of my portfolio and rebranding of my work in an effort to market myself beyond local and regional markets into national and global markets. Although my work has kept me busy, it has been challenging to keep up-to-date work in my portfolio and on my website.

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There is no specific type of artist that we focus on or primarily support. Creative expression comes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines and genres. We are looking for passion and excellence in your craft. Tell us why your work is important to you and how you hope it will impact others. 
Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
Photo Copyright © Jeffrey Ferguson

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Ferguson's funding request and we wish him continued success in his creative endeavors.

Samples of some of my cultural portraits are shown [below].