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The following are excerpts from Chilsen's grant proposal:

I work in a variety of media including photography, ceramics, film, drawing, and collage. I choose the media that will best express the meaning.

My work is formed of earth & prayer, simultaneous connection, consciousness of place and spirit. I am motivated to create moments in my work that focus positive energy; that amplify optimism and light; expand the beauty – not by denying ugliness and negativity, but rather creating a parallel reality of energy and light. It's a form of prayer and meditation.

Intuition is a driving force in my practice. For example, whilst photographing, I tune in to a place, sensing and seeing what makes it what it is – feeling and recording evidence of lives lived. I'm drawn to places formed by time – even geologic time. Places on the verge of being lost or saved.

Working in clay is an immediate, compelling call and response. I tune in to what is happening in front of me – hands in the mud, creating, step by step, following each movement, guided by spirit and intuition to the next.

I'm creating work that puts me in touch with earth and place and the moment. Working in clay has an immediacy very different from that of photography, and yet with each I connect to the moment of being to share it and extend its promise.

These funds will pay for direct costs, to continue developing and creating my "Messengers" series; my ongoing exploration of place and connection to ancestral time. Each piece is a container of mystery and seed of promise, fired on ancestral lands and fueled with precious ephemera; releasing life to feed life. Funding will support my direct costs of clay studio access, clay and glazes, workshops to expand my knowledge of firing techniques, and exhibition fees.

These works are part of my ongoing exploration of place, and connection to ancestral time, love and loss. Each piece is a container of mystery and promise. For the smoke-fired pieces, I hold firings at ancestral and family homes, I use fire and light transforming mud into glass. These fires are fueled with things from my collections and surroundings, such as leaves and seeds from my daily walks, lists and notes from my parents and loved ones, newspapers containing family obituaries and biographies, and other precious ephemera. Burning releases life to feed life.

Thank you for this opportunity! My work as an artist, arts administrator, and educator aligns with your belief that the arts are essential to the health and vitality of our communities and nation. I create artworks that uplift. As Executive Director of a small community arts center, I support artists and creative opportunities for people of all walks of life. I will use your funding to promote good energy and positivity. I am deeply grateful.

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Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
Photo Copyright © Liz Chilsen

Website: www.lizchilsen.com
Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Chilsen's funding request and we wish her continued success in her creative endeavors.