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The following are excerpts from Serenity Performing Arts Academy's proposal:

Serenity Performing Arts Academy is a faith-based performing arts organization whose mission is to provide equal access and exposure to the performing arts for children and families living in Northeast Houston and surrounding areas.

We provide a Performing Arts Summer Camp, which is a four-week summer enrichment camp that fosters continued learning opportunities for middle school performing arts students living in underserved communities. 

We also provide a Monthly Performing Opportunity each month. This allows children to perform or visit a performing art event in the city of Houston. The cost is free for children. 

We are a small organization doing big things in this community. We started off serving 10 children to now working with about 75 kids. We are growing rapidly, and we need the financial support to continue to serve our community.

The grant funds will help us to increase our capacity which would allow us to grow our impact in Northeast Houston. 

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Serenity Performing Arts Academy's funding request and we wish them continued success in their highly purposeful mission.

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Website: www.facebook.com/SPAAHTX

Congratulations to Serenity Performing Arts Academy
on a successful grant application!