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Congratulations to Stephen Variames on a successful grant application! 

​Excerpts from Stephen's application:

My artistic discipline is in piano, composition and conducting. While I began my career as a concert pianist, I soon realized that composing was better suited for my creative nature. After having gained an undergraduate degree in composition, I decided to pursue a career in operatic coaching; a line that spoke to my love for opera and my pianistic abilities. At this point in my life, I've realized how much writing has meant; and writing opera seems to be the medium that speaks the clearest for me. The piece that I am writing for deals with depression, anxiety and suicide, bringing to light the understanding of these illnesses. As a college professor now, I have seen many students that suffer from anxiety. And as one who suffers from depression, I hope to bring a light to the reality of the situation. I believe that music can subtly create a sympathy and understanding for all people.

As your grant endows $250, I will most likely use these funds to make the payment for the space for my performance. I have found a hall in my area that is intimate while still enabling itself as a viable stage. If any money is left, I will use it to pay a psychiatrist to lead a discussion on what the audience has just seen and how it relates to them.

This project sits very close to home for me. Depression is a prevalent illness in today's society, and an experience that I know of first hand. Through this project, I hope to bring light to a taboo topic and begin a narrative that is both inviting and educational.

Integrity: Arts and Cultural Association is pleased to assist in funding Stephen's performance! We wish him the best in his future artistic endeavors. 

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