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Congratulations to Alex Younger on a successful grant application! 

The following are exerpts Younger's application:

"I have been making conceptual work for more than ten years, but I discovered printmaking about four years ago. I'm interested in using this reproductive technique onto surfaces and using methods that break down its legibility, working on metal and glass, using audience interaction or unconventional materials to occlude the text.

I focus on the systems and structures that maintain and support sexual violence. Pulling from court documents, sociology and psychology studies, legal statutes, journalistic sources, and art historical references, I combine research-sourced texts and images with haptic surfaces and display to de-neutralize the sources and achieve poetics through the material's interaction with the didactic content it contains.

I believe that it is important to examine this unseen scaffolding that defines our handling of abuse, and that by transforming it into haptic, material objects makes it personal and experiential. My goals are educational and political as much as they are artistic, highlighting the construction and weight of the society we've built.

I am beginning a new project that takes the text of regressive laws that define our country's handling of sexual violence and print them as a resist onto steel plates, rusting the metal around the words. The patination of the metal is a representation of the passage of time, while the texts remain visibly unchanged."

Integrity: Arts and Culture Association is pleased to assist in funding Younger's proposal! We wish her the best in her future artistic endeavors. To learn more about Younger's work, visit her website at

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Photo Credit © Arrowmont
Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
"The Law As Written" 
Screenprint resist on steel with rust patina, text from state and federal laws and court decisions around rape, sexual assault, and workplace sexual harassment (2020).
146 hand cut aluminum plates, screenprinted with the statements made by each public figure accused of sexual assault or harassment since Harvey Weinstein. 96 plates shown displayed, erased through public interaction and maintained through performances to replace erased plates (2018).
Alternate View
"Relational Values"

Hand-dyed, handwoven tencel panels with thiox monoprints (2017).