The following are excerpts from Virtual Arts for Humanity's proposal:

Virtual Arts for Humanity (VAH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Houston, TX, that strives to transcend the bounds of showcasing the performing arts by providing a platform for creators and performers of all disciplines. Over the past 2 years, VAH has featured over 200 performers on our social media platforms and raised over 110,000 meals for our chosen charity: Feeding America. As an organization, we greatly value growth, innovation, and accessibility and work to achieve these goals by expanding our network of performers and presenting new ideas and concepts that can assist us in our mission. VAH was invited and awarded the “Nonprofit Impact Award” by a prominent humanitarian organization in Houston. Since being awarded, VAH has had the opportunity to collaborate with both upcoming artists and professionals who are based in the United States and various parts of the world.

For two years, VAH has hosted an annual “Festival of the Arts,” dedicated to showcasing a variety of youth instrumentalists, vocalists, and dancers, who auditioned from across the country, performing both virtually and face-to-face. VAH’s first Festival of Arts was live virtually for 8 days, endorsing 16 different art forms and hosting over 35 performances to a diverse audience across the globe. The funds raised from this event go towards advancing VAH’s commitment to Feeding America. Associated with this event, is a conjoined workshop hosted by the featured artist of the event. Local studios, programs, and dancers are invited to develop their skills in a community environment.

VAH gives a platform to talented local performers of all ages through social media and in-person events by giving them individual recognition and a sizable viewing audience. By performing with VAH, artists can use their expertise in the fine arts for a humanitarian cause while also gaining valuable performing experience. For example, our second “Festival of the Arts” was held as a gala with over 175 attendees, with approximately 20 performances of varied artistic styles. Similarly, we have arranged for collegiate dance and acapella teams such as UT Nritya Sangam, Texas A&M’s Wreckin Raas, and University of Houston’s Dhun to showcase their talent to the VAH audience while also supporting our partner charity, Feeding America. Additionally, we creatives are invited to present unique performances of song, dance, or musical instrumentation. 

VAH offers a robust volunteer and internship program for middle school, high school, and college-aged youth to assist in the advancement of VAH’s mission. Our youth volunteers can serve under committees, volunteering their time and talents to producing VAH events, fundraising, and promotions. Not only does the youth volunteer program offer community service hours, but it also provides key professional development through a mentor match with a collegiate intern. VAH collegiate interns can serve on committees for the development and execution of VAH's fundraising and events. Our interns leave with tangible successes and skills from their time in VAH and are also offered a merit-based pathway to becoming a member of the VAH Executive Board.

In September 2023, VAH is holding its third annual “Festival of the Arts,” featuring cross-cultural collaborations by primarily youth artists. Additionally, Sophia Salingaros, a world-renowned dancer trained in ballet and bharatanatyam, will be performing with a live orchestra, consisting of talented youth musicians, providing merit-based opportunities to perform with a celebrity artist. Therefore, grant funds would be used for artist fees associated with the performances and a dance workshop held by Sophia for local dancers.  

VAH was founded during the pandemic to facilitate the display of arts by upcoming performing artists. As we transition to in-person events in a post-pandemic era, VAH is beginning to compensate artists and increase their performing opportunities while advertising to the youth generation. Originally run by college students. VAH has expanded to include high school and middle school students, endeavoring to nurture their passion for the arts while also providing experience in nonprofit culture. 

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Virtual Arts for Humanity's funding request and we wish them continued success in their highly purposeful mission.

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Virtual Arts for Humanity
Founder / President
Varsha Vasu

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The above link displays a video the VAH board created to commemorate VAH’s first anniversary in June of 2021.