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Website: www.Ankhlave.org

Congratulations to AnkhLave Arts Alliance on a successful grant application! 

The following is their proposal:

Ankhlave Arts Alliance is a W.A.G.E. certified nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization for the advancement of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the contemporary art realm. AnkhLave (that's "Enclave" with an "Ankh") is based in New York City, and produces annual programming including our AnkhLave Garden Project Fellowship Program, and now our AnkhLave International Studio Diaries. We believe art is an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Art allows people the opportunity to engage in conversations that can be difficult to confront, politically and socially, and opens the floor for conversations between people of diverse communities that may not have engaged otherwise. We believe art has the power to influence, change and even subvert culture in favor of more nuanced perspectives and for more equitable presence within the greater society.

Describe 1 to 3 main programs or services:

1) Annual AnkhLave Garden Project Fellowship: Open to 6 BIPOC who receive a stipend to create public art installations in the Queens Botanical Garden (on view through the summer). The program also includes artist talks, art demos and other programming before a live audience, as well as video vlog interviews.

2) International Studio Diaries (Documentary and Exhibition): Includes expedition to country showcased (Uganda for 2021) includes documentary footage as well as artwork printed on large Vinyl panels, exhibited in public space to increase the visibility of contemporary art by BIPOC created in foreign countries. These are printed in collaboration with Art Bridge, exhibited in Manhattan.

3) AnkhLave Art Residency: Rooftop garden space as alternative studio space for 3 artists in Brooklyn, for one month each. This is done in collaboration with Can'd Aid, a nonprofit for environmental awareness.

We will use [the grant funding] to hire a video editor and possibly pay for video equipment and software to produce our next Studio visit documentary.

View more about the AnkhLave Garden Project here: https://queensbotanical.org/ankhlave

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve AnkhLave Arts Alliance's funding request and we wish them the best in all of their future creative endeavors!

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There is no specific type of artist that we focus on or primarily support. Creative expression comes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines and genres. We are looking for passion and excellence in your craft. Tell us why your work is important to you and how you hope it will impact others. 
Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
Dario Mohr, Founder and Executive Director 
Dario Mohr, Ankhlave Arts Alliance POC's Artists Unmasked: AFF2020 Filmmaker Interviews