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artist mini-grant winner, Sophia Mitchell.

The following are excerpts from her grant proposal:

I am 30 year Artist: a Musician, Music Producer, Ambidextrous Painter/Drawer, SAG/AEA/AFTRA Actor, Dancer and Playwright. I teach my disciplines. This year I've taught locally at: Path With Art, We.App, Ocheami, Artspace Kaplan, Seattle Rep., as well as online Private Coaching. My trademarked "IBU; School of Thought" manual and texts are filled with a new vision on behavioral expectations, addresses fun lessons with measurable learning objectives and provides in and out of class applications for Scholars. The goal: to train Artists to be critical thinking, multi-disciplinary LEGENDS creating their own work and collaborations.  

The framework and context I use as an Artist is: What does the maintenance of the Human form have to do with how and what we take in as information and put out as Artist? Information itself, ie: letters, numbers, shapes, are used as texture and sustenance within the visual work. The application & physical principles of hydration are the experiential learning tools I've used to express, not only the methodology that leads to the work but also the effective prescription for lack of creative drive in the physical Mind/Body for Students.

I have over 1000 sketches of the "Faces of Isolation.' I need to scan, collage and print them onto signs I can tour with. The banner will translate beyond language what isolation is to me, un-comforting as it may be. Also during isolation the images became my Friends just like Tom Hanks had "Wilson" on his little island and the banner will act as my "Audience of Us."

I Crave more the company of forgiveness,
the essence of Us.
The you in youth I forgot
and Grandcestors and Remembering
to forgive those who forget we are
Infinite Consciousness
wrapped in a flesh opportunity.
The craving to create is grounding life's yearning into time for
Boundless Wholeness.
I'm craving Us and rest
deep personal not do anything rest.
I'm craving beauty and fearless wild freedom like no one has ever seen.
and less cravings.

​Copyright © Melany Bell

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There is no specific type of artist that we focus on or primarily support. Creative expression comes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines and genres. We are looking for passion and excellence in your craft. Tell us why your work is important to you and how you hope it will impact others. 
Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
Photo Copyright © Melany Bell

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Bell's funding request and we wish her continued success in her creative endeavors.

Title: Meditation
Album: Blackberry Jam
Role: Exec. Producer, Song Writer, Lead & 
some bk vox & percussion, J. Andres on guitar) & bk vox
2002 Released with Red Llama Music
 © MELANY BELL 2000-2021 all rights reserved  
Title: Razor Wind
Album: Mad Love Activate
Role: Percussion, Lead & Bk Vocals, song writing
℗ 2007 Red Llama Music
Artwork Title : "them"
Artwork title: "hot comb"
Year created: 2019
Medium: oil & acrylic on dense wood grain paper
Description: Reimaging the ordinary to extraordinary exploration
5 ft x 3ft): Dimensions 
Documentation Credit – image & photo credit - ©Melany Bell 2019
Year created: 2019
Medium: oil & acrylic on dense, brown wood grain, paper
Artwork Description: like the song we remember a foundational work of the ‘favorite things collection’ boning moments never forgotten ©Melany Bell 2019
Dimensions 5ft x 3ft
Documentation Credit – image & photo credit -©Melany Bell 2019