Q. How long has the IACA Nonprofit Mini-Grant Program been in existence?
A. This program began in July 2018.

Q. How often do you award grants to nonprofit organizations?
A. We currently provide nonprofit grants every 4 months. The current application deadline date is November 26, 2023 at 11:59PM (CST).

Q. Is this nonprofit grant program only open to United States organizations?
A. Yes, the organization must be founded and located within the United States. An applicant must be a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization, a K-12 school or a church. 

Q. What do you look for in an applicant?
A. We are looking for passion and excellence. Tell us the organization's mission and vision, why your work is important and how you hope it will impact others. We are looking at the work you have accomplished up to this point and potential for carrying out your proposal successfully. We also look for effort, clarity, and we review your application for completeness. We recommend submitting your application before the deadline date, so that we may notify you if we need any additional information. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified (if not complete by the application deadline date). 

Please Note: Applications or work samples containing profanity or vulgarity will be disqualified.

Q. Should I apply for the individual artist grant or the nonprofit grant for my program or project?

If this is your own individual program or project, please apply to the IACA Artist Mini-Grant Program. As an individual artist, you may apply to that program for anything that assists you in the process of creating art, including supplies, rehearsal or performance space, studio time, a residency, etc. You may also apply for community service projects which are artistic, and collaborative projects with other individual artists. An artist may also apply as an individual to do a program or project with a nonprofit organization (as long as the artist is NOT an employee of the organization or on an extended contract). If you work for a nonprofit and are applying for an internal program or project of the charity, please apply through the IACA Nonprofit Mini-Grant Program. The same exact proposal (by artist and organization) to each grant program is not allowable. A decision must be made as to who applies. It is our recommendation that the nonprofit apply, as more funds will be received. 

Individual artist grants are generally $250 and will be made payable to the individual. Nonprofit grants are generally $350 and will be made payable to the nonprofit. 

Q. Am I allowed to apply multiple times in an application cycle?
A. We don’t stop applicants from applying more than once per application cycle (with different grant proposals), but we would recommend only applying once per application cycle.

Q. If I apply in an application cycle and don’t receive a grant award, am I automatically enrolled for the next application cycle?
A. We typically only consider the applicants that apply within a specific application cycle's time frame. However, we reserve the right to make an exception to award an applicant from a previous application cycle. 

Q. If my organization is awarded a grant, how soon may we apply again?
A. Please wait at least 12 calendar months to apply for another grant. You must submit a different grant proposal when applying.

Q. Why do you charge a $15 application fee?
A. The fee makes the review of your application possible, as there are many expenses associated with running this program. 

If your questions are not covered on this FAQ page, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist. Click here to return to IACA Nonprofit Mini-Grant Program page.